CRESST in the Community

CRESST at Charles City Middle School Health Fair

Charles City Middle School science students hosted a health fair at the Middle School for parents, fellow students and the community on April 22, 2013. Working with their science teacher, Brent Lederer, students learned about health issues experienced by Charles City residents and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Students led activities and provided information on sugared beverages and the value of whole grains, how our taste buds can influence our food choices, and maintaining a healthy blood pressure to health fair participants. Dr. Michelle Whitehurst-Cook and medical student Dana Garcia from Virginia Commonwealth University shared what they are learning from their health research in the county. The Charles City Health Council and Charles City Parks and Recreation also participated in the event. Teacher Brent Lederer is working with VCU’s Project CRESST: Clinical Research Education for Science Students and Teachers.

  • CRESST at National STEM Career Fair

    Project CRESST program directors and coordinating staff participated in the National STEM Career Fair held in Sterling, Virginia on September 27-28, 2013. The fair was sponsored by U.S. Representative Frank Wolf and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to "showcase science and innovation with the goal of encouraging young people, especially in grades 7-12, to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math." Over 400 children and parents participated in the CRESST exhibits and hands-on activities. The exhibits, drawn from the CRESST curriculum, illustrated the genetic and social influences on individual's unique food preferences and dietary choices